Monday, 28 May 2012

Useful links for iOS Development

Hello All , I am sharing below some useful links for all iOS developers. Some of them are owned by Bitcode Technologies , rest all are public.  Go through them , they all are used in almost every iOS app development.

From Bitcode Technologies

1) Blog on iPhone App Development Tutorials

2) Google Group

You can ask questions here. There are a lot of people in the group who have undergone training @BitCode . Some one will surely answer your query. 

3) Facebook page

- Even you can join the facebook group . You can even ask questions here. People do share some helpful links , articles or any source code on this page. Even If I like some link and want to share it , then I do that here.

4) Dedicated subdomain for iPhone

- Every one who has undergone the training at Bitcode gets login account here. You receive a mail with the userid and password. All the demo source codes are available here. You need any demo sample then download from here.


1) Stackoverflow

- The best question answer forum . You will get answers to any kind of questions related to iOS development here. I will say the best resource on the internet.

2) cocoacontrols and git   

In case you need any custom UI control in your app then search for it on these sites . There are a lot of UI controls available freely. So dont invest too much of time creating them on own. 

3) Raywenderlich

- The best team of iOS authors/programmers . This site has got a number of iOS tutorials. So nicely explained , neat and clean coding . One of the best resources on the net.

Some Third party API for iOS developers that will make their life easier ... :-)


iOS 5.0 has got inbuilt support for JSON with NSJsonSerialization . On iOS 4.0 , you can go for SBJson.

2) SVProgressHUD 

So many times in an iOS app , we need to show loading icon. While you are loading data from a web service call, you need to display a loading icon. Again there is an useful things on Android platform called as 'toast', a message that is displayed for few seconds and then it disappears automatically. The solution to this is SVPro


Wrapper classes for NSURLRequest and some other classes  . This will make everything easier with respect making HTTP call , posting data, webservice calls etc .

4) FMDatabase
 Wrapper classes for sqlite .. In case you need to go for sqlite, do check out these classes.

5) Scroll View

Being an iOS developer you are for sure gonna be struggling with the text field and scroll view. When you add text fields on the scroll view and tap on it. The keyboard appears and hides the text field that you tapped on. Apple suggests that you should regster the controller for Keyboard Notifications and then when keyboard appears, you should explicitly move that text field above the keyboard. This is the most frustrating task one can do on iOS platform. Well check out the below scroll view that will do all these things for you ... Just use below scroll view wrapper class instead of UIScrollView in your project and you no more need to move the text field explicitly above the keyboard... This will work for UITextView as well.

6) Asynchronous Image loading

For this at BitCode development , we use BCImageView designed by me. Below is the link to download that.

But I think there are some even better solutions available for this. Try searching for those.

There are few more libraries. I will update this posts with those libraries soon. If any one has to add anything to above list then please do post that in comments and I will update the list . Thank You !!!